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Singer, Preacher, Evangelist Kurt LaBouve, he is Blind!, but WOW!, Blessed by God!

** Friday April 12 through Sunday April 14!

Bro Kurt LaBouve is a Dear Friend, a Powereful Man of God. An Incredible Pianist and Song Writer, and Preaches from Braille

Blindness has not stopped Kurt LaBouve from singing, preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Kurt LaBouve will preach and sing. Services Friday 7 pm, Saturday 6 pm and Sunday 11am and 2pm at Rockwall Baptist Church!

About Brother LaBouve

LaBouve was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition known as retinitis pigmentosa when he was 7. He lost his eyesight before he reached the third grade. While attending the School for the Blind in Baton Rouge, La., he learned to read Braille and was introduced to music.

Despite losing his sight, LaBouve has carried on a productive life because of his faith. Although he was raised a Roman Catholic, LaBouve said he was “saved” shortly after high school. According to LaBouve, his wife Dale, who was a Baptist, drew him into her denomination.

In 1982, he recorded his first gospel song, “I Just Want to Thank You Jesus,” in Nashville, Tenn. Three years later, he began writing gospel songs.

He writes most of his music, and has recorded numerous hit songs. He loves to mix old favorite Southern style gospel with original work.

He sings such inspiring songs as, “The Old Rugged Cross,” “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” “There is Power in the Blood,” “There is a Fountain” and “Draw Me Nearer,” along with songs such as “It’s Just About Time” and “Number One Family Man.”

LaBouve has recorded more than 20 albums.

At the age of 25, he took another leap of faith as he began preaching the gospel. He became an evangelist at the age of 28 and learned to prepare sermons with the use of a Braille Bible.

He is in constant demand. His travel schedule has taken him overseas on several occasions to minister to large audiences.

LaBouve has a heartfelt testimony as he shares his life story and his faith. His message of hope has helped so many people as they surrendered their lives to Christ.

Piano and Singing will be Amazing!

The Preaching!!!!!

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I would like to personally welcome you to Rockwall Baptist Church. Our people would love the opportunity to meet you and express the love of Christ to your family.

At RBC you will find a very friendly and family oriented atmosphere where your family can enjoy the teaching and preaching of God’s word. The Spirit of Christ will be felt in the services.

RBC is Dedicated to the Great Commission given to all of us.

Facts of Salvation Call for Help (469) 497-5605
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In a world of technology, instant answers through our phones, political correctness, diverse social oppinions of right and wrong... society seems to have grown as far away from God, as it had during the days before the Flood. To those that will hear... God is Real. He Created this world, you and I, and we've grown far apart. He wants us to come home. He sent His Son, Jesus, to express in person his Love and provide a means of Salvation. Salvation is simple.. It takes Faith in Jesus. Unfortunately, repentance doesn't come easy. Naturally, we don't want to admit our sins and shortcomings. Salvation is available to ALL.

Facts of Salvation Call for Help (469) 497-5605
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RBC is a Local Churchbody of Christ. How do you become a Member?

There are 3 basic ways.
1) Salvation and Baptism. This is when a person is saved, now.

2) Transfer of Letter. This is when a person is trasferring membership from a Church of like faith.

3) Statement of Faith. This is when a person professes to have been saved for some time, but has no current church membership elswhere.

Simple Truths of Salvation

WE ARE ALL SINNERS YES! It may come as a surprise, but we are all, naturally sinners. We all have, and do lie, cheat, chase after personal desires and fame. We live for ourselves, seldom recognizing our Creator or our Saviour. It's not just a Murderer or Drug Dealer, it's you and me. We are born, naturally, into sin. The Bible tells of it.. as the oldest story... Adam and Eve. In the New Testament, Romans 3:23 states it directly "For All have sinned and come short of the glory of God". Yes, not only are we all sinners, but that in separates us.. that is keeps us from.. we come short of an ability to be in the glory of God.

THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH It sounds BAD, but it's true. Perhaps you could relate, if I said the penalty for speeding is a ticket.. the penalty for selling drugs is jail time. That's what it means, when the Bible states in Romans 6:23 The Wages of Sin is Death. Meaning, our wrong goings.. our sin has a price. Our destination, when we die, will be a trip to Hell. This destination of hell, is not like heaven. It is eternal torment, eternal dieing.

BUT, THERE IS HOPE! That verse, speaking of the Wages of Sin being Death, continues to say "BUT, the Gift of God is Eternal Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord" In other words, our rightful penalty and just reward for our natural life of sin, is Death... Hell, BUT God doesn't desire that. He provides a Gift, if we wish to receive it. The Gift of God is Eternal Life... that sounds Awesome... through Jesus Christ our Lord. Ok, so to receive this Gift of God of Eternal Life, it is received, when we receive Jesus Christ. Through that relationship with Jesus, we will realize the Gift of God... Eternal Life!

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Founded in the late 1950's, RBC has had a few name changes over the years, but the Word of God has stood the test of time! You'll find a Family friendly atmosphere, refreshingly honest messages and teachings, uplifting hymns and incredible Christian fellowship. You're sure to fall in love with Rockwall Baptist Church, as you grow closer to Jesus!

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